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The goal of this Mechanical Engineering Capstone Design Project is to design and manufacture an affordable and sustainable baby stroller for low income families that also complies with the requirements and specifications brought on by the client, such as the maximum size of stroller, the need for a reversible and reclining toddler seat that can carry up to 25 kg, and a way to implement two sets of wheels for various environmental conditions. However, the design of the stroller goes one step further then what was requested by the client in that it is made entirely of reused or sustainable material. To do so, repurposed hockey sticks have been used for the frame of the stroller and are joined together by biodegradable material. Thus, this sustainable baby stroller design helps reduce waste, since the repurposed hockey sticks were originally collected broken from hockey arenas where they would have otherwise been thrown out. The use of these materials also implies a sustainable production and allows for a sustainable transportation of a child.






Alexandra Yannopoulos

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