"Save the WILD Bees: Assessing Mechanisms by which Flowers Determine Wild Bee Richnessc"

There is much publicity around “saving the bees,” but this catch phrase is usually applied to honey bees. Wild bee species, and their declining numbers, are less often addressed. This research aims to help conserve wild bee communities on the Island of Montreal, which hosts approximately 180 bee species. My work goes beyond just planting native floral resources, which is what is most often recommended for pollinator conservation. The goal of my work is to assess the underlying mechanisms of the floral community that influence wild bee species richness. This will include analyzing floral nectar quality, blooming periods of flowers, and corolla lengths, and how the composition of these traits in a floral community will shape the bee community.

Themes: Food, Health & Wellbeing

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Serena Sinno

MSC, Faculty of Arts and Science