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Queering The Map (QTM) is a community generated digital counter-mapping project that aims to archive fleeting moments of queer existence and resistance in relation to physical space. Participants of the project anonymously share stories of queer significance and locate them on the map with a drop-pin. The project intends to leave ‘queerness’ open to endless interpretation – from direct action activism to a conversation expressing gender pronouns, from feelings of isolation to moments of rapturous love, QTM functions as a living archive of queer experience.
On July 15-26, 2019 “Queering The Map” will be presented as an interactive exhibition at Concordia’s 4th Space Gallery, curated by Lucas LaRochelle; a result of a Curatorial Residency organized by the Concordia-based research group, Beyond Museum Walls (BMW). The purpose of the exhibition will be to transform the venue into a temporary queer community space through the exhibition of stories from the QTM website. The exhibition will be activated by a series of community storytelling panels, walking tours from stories submitted to QTM, and a workshop on the potentials of co-creating queer space in the built environment.

Lucas LaRochelle

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