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The Legacy project, will be centering the Concordia Black student community and situating Concordia in a broader continuum of Black student and youth presence, mobilization, and connections through and around Concordia. This project will bring together six decades of Black student presence at Concordia into a week of activities and conversations across campus that will activate, celebrate, and strengthen the legacy of Black student culture & activism at Concordia.

August 24th, 2024, will mark the 50th anniversary of Concordia University and an important opportunity to engage with and reflect on Concordia’s history and place in the world – a place that has been shaped by its communities and has participated in the shaping of communities. With this anniversary quickly approaching there is a need to present and activate Concordia’s history in ways that invite its present community to see itself in and engage with the lineage. This is particularly necessary for communities who have historically been oppressed by and excluded from university histories.






Annick Maugile Flavien