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Awakening of Digital Democracy is a bilingual panel emphasizing the paradigm shifts imposed by the growing and highly influential digital sphere. Canadian’s increased usage and reliance on the digital sphere forwards important questions regarding the veracity of online information. Focusing on different issues such as the “Fake News” epidemic to the current Democratic Deficit, this panel will provide insightful approaches to the utility of the digital platform and how politicians and Canadian institutions can use social media to reach out to a broader audience. Experts in their field will be taking part as panelists for the event to share their perspectives:

Jack Jedwab, Director of the Association for Canadian Studies
Elizabeth Bloodgood, Associate Professor at Concordia in Political Science
Mathieu Gauthier-Pilote, President of the FACIL organization
Pascal Lapointe, Editor-in-Chief of L’Agence Science-Presse
And the discussion will be moderated by Sophia Sahrane, a Montréal activist.






Kimberly Bélisle-Lawless

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