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This action research project is working to Connect, Communicate and Cultivate partnerships between community organizations (including Concordia student groups) working on local-level food security and food sovereignty initiatives.

The information gathered in this research-action project will live in a detailed and living map of the community food system in Notre-Dame-de-Grace, surrounding the Loyola campus .

The first phase will be to connect with actors in the community food system, assessing their assets, needs, roles in the food system, and discussing the challenges they face. The key information will be publicized about groups’ needs, assets, programs, goals, vision, location, and contact information through an online map and promote the map to students and community groups.

This Summer, the project will aim to work together with the community to actively foster collaboration between groups, using the information we collect through action research. The goal is to increase community groups’ effectiveness by facilitating resource-sharing and identifying key gaps identified in the community food system which groups can target strategically.






Caleb Woolcott