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The Co-op Bookstore wished to provide all students access to an online database of its inventory, both new and used books, including those on consignment. This would be searchable in real-time, and allow for reservations / holds, as well as price comparison.

Part of the integration of an online, searchable database of both new and used books would serve to offer popular education to the student body at large, on topics of copyright and copyright infringement; photocopying – what is legal and illegal and why; as well as many other ways one can reuse materials used in an academic environment.

More importantly, we hope that with this online aspect of our service, that it will help us build more awareness within the community of the viable alternative social economies provide, as well as the importance of social and economic sustainability as a more holistic approach to and part of environmental sustainability. We firmly believe that our communities embrace of environmental sustainability practices and culture makes this the ideal time to promote and advocate for socio-economic sustainability initiatives and culture as the other sides to the same triangle.

Years funded: 2009-10

Amount allocated: $2,000.00

Project leader: Larissa Dutil

E-mail: orders.coopbookstore@gmail.com

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