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After seeing the success of Vancouver’s first example of Chinatown Re-imagined, the Montréal community plans to host the second edition on September 28-30, 2023 (https://www.chinatownreimagined.ca). This three-day long event will host a number of panels and events for community members of Chinatown across Canada and North America as well as the general public so that they can share their knowledge and resources in order to educate, inspire, imagine the future of Chinatown through various economic, social, and cultural models, and bring people together to build and strengthen their communities as a whole. It is meant to offer the necessary tools for people to empower themselves as active change makers as well as to guide local Montréal Chinatown stakeholders towards reimagining, revitalizing, and recreating Chinatown’s legacy for current and future societies.

The forecasted results of this event is to educate community members and the general public on the importance of preserving and empowering cultural heritage by integrating the voices of racialized communities. It will help create awareness for Montréal’s Chinatown and the struggles the community faces. We aim to generate impact and inspire other cities across Canada and North America to provide similar opportunities for their own Chinatown communities and/or other minority communities in order to help them thrive and be sustainable.






Esther Hsi-neng Chu