Applications are being accepted until February 23rd 2024

Sustainability Living Lab Funding Program

The Sustainability Living Lab Funding program is a matching fund partnership between the Sustainability Action Fund (SAF) and Concordia University’s Office of Sustainability.

Each year $80,000 is available to  support teams of students, staff and/or faculty members in advancing projects that align with the university’s 5-year Sustainability Action Plan; it is an essential element that ties together key objectives of the Sustainability Action Plan. 

The aims of this funding opportunity are to; 

  • Provide experiential learning through internships, classroom projects and project implementation and learning outcomes.

  • Provide hands-on learning activities through leadership opportunities in event coordination & programming, workshops, employment and varied forms of engagement opportunities.  

  • Foster cross-disciplinary partnerships between faculty, staff and students for the purpose of utilising our campus and communities to incubate innovative solutions to sustainability challenges .

  • Empower community members to propose and implement projects that improve the sustainability of campus operations, foster community, and build thrive-able new futures 

Concordia University’s Sustainability Action Plan

Eligibility Criteria

In order to be eligible, SLLFP projects must meet the following criteria: 

  • Core project team must include at least 1 student 

  • Core project team must include at least 1 faculty and/or staff member 

  • Project must offer experiential learning opportunity to one or more students 

  • Project must address at least one of the 5 streams of the Sustainability Action Plan (Sustainable Food Systems; Zero Waste; Climate Action; Sustainability in Research; Sustainability in Curriculum)

  • Project must plan to have measurable outcomes* 

For more information, refer to the application process page or contact

Sustainability Living Lab Funded Projects

Forêt Curieuse residency program

The research phase of this project, wherein Indigenous Elders, artists and scholars would be invited to partake in a two week residency experience at CUFO from July 1-14 2024 in order...

Nature Positive Concordia

This flagship project of Nature Positive Concordia seeks to transform the campus grounds through greatly increasing the number and diversity of native perennial plants while at the same time engaging...

[us_single_image image="11686"]Concordia University is leading an innovative research study called “Open Waste”, a multi-year study that deploys internet of things sensors in community-level waste management infrastructure to accelerate to zero...

Chinatown Re-imagined Forum / Montreal 2023 (Re-imagine a future for Chinatowns across North America)

[us_single_image image="11518"] After seeing the success of Vancouver’s first example of Chinatown Re-imagined, the Montréal community plans to host the second edition on September 28-30, 2023 ( This three-day long...

Exploring Sustainability Across the Arts

[us_single_image image="11488"]Exploring Sustainability Across the Arts (ESA) is a year-long initiative that aims to explore sustainable alternatives to vinyl signage in museums, galleries, and other arts and cultural spaces, as...

Mobilizing Data for Justice: A Skills Development Workshop in Data Activism

[us_single_image image="11390"]Over the past two decades, increasingly complex regimes for accessing information have made it challenging for activists to unpack and confront government and corporate practices. Access to information is...

Sustainable Transformations

[us_single_image image="10651"]Creating an interdisciplinary network of scholars, established artists and emerging artists; made up of a majority of Concordia community members. This network of individuals dedicated to social/environmental change will...

Co-op CultivAction

[us_single_image image="11126" size="us_600_0"]Market Garden InternshipCSA BasketUrban Agriculture SchoolMarket Garden InternshipIn partnership with the Concordia Food Coalition, Professor Erik Chevrier and the Loyola College for Diversity and Sustainability, CultivAction Solidarity Cooperative...

mind. heart. mouth.

[us_single_image image="9267"]The mind.heart.mouth intergenerational garden offers a positive and innovative approach to building community care and resilience through nature-based experiential learning, which is essential at this time of health, social,...

MATTEReality: Sustainable Studios

[us_single_image image="10651"](An extension of the MATTEReality: Reconciling Ceramics and Sustainability) For millennia prior to the industrial revolution, ceramics were produced sustainably in communities around the world. In recent times, however,...