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The Sustainability Action Fund’s Living Labs partnership with the Office of Community Engagement at Concordia University to support student leadership in community-based sustainability projects at Bâtiment 7  wrapped up in late 2020.
The Living Labs at Bâtiment 7 Project was a 2-year initiative. The Living Labs initiative aimed to support projects that engaged community members of Pointe-Saint-Charles and students through a living laboratory method. This provides students opportunities for experiential learning while collaborating on meaningful projects that embrace sustainability and community action. Find out more here.
Stay tuned for more community Living Lab partnerships from the Sustainability Action Fund and the Office of Community Engagement!

What is a Living Lab?

A Living Laboratory puts research and learning into action through a collaborative model; it allows students to practice the theories they engage with in the classroom which enhances their skill base thereby creating stronger graduates. 

What is Bâtiment 7?

Bâtiment 7 is a former CN heritage industrial site in the neighborhood of Pointe-Saint-Charles that has been reclaimed by the community and is now home to 16 community-led projects that respond to local needs.

Photo Credit: Alex Megelas

Bâtiment 7 Projects

PedalBox Gallery

[us_single_image image="10482" size="us_600_0" align="center"] PedalBox Gallery supports the development of new works from emerging and established artists in any medium that can be dragged around town. We commission artists to...

Youth Anti-Racism and Climate Action Hub

[us_single_image image="8956" size="us_600_0" align="center"] This project brings together the Press Start youth to work on anti-racist and environmental justice initiatives. Working in collaboration with community members and utilizing the tools...

Buckskin Babes

[us_single_image image="10494" size="medium" align="center"]Buckskin Babes is a moose-hide tanning project undertaken by a group of Indigenous women. It is a tanning station constructed on contested land adjacent to Batiment 7...

Mushroom Project

[us_single_image image="8956" size="us_600_0" align="center"]The B7 Mushroom Project aims to develop a mycelium incubator/ laboratory as well as a sustainable outdoor mushroom growing facility at the Batiment 7/ Fermette de la...

Quarantine Kitchen Stories

[us_single_image image="8956" size="us_600_0" align="center"]Quarantine Kitchen Stories is a collaborative project based in the Montreal South-West connecting Point-Saint-Charles community hub Bâtiment 7 to the work of the food business incubator of...

Feel the Warmth in the Winter at the Beating Heart of the Neighborhood

[us_single_image image="9824" size="us_600_0" align="center"]Due to the home staying orders caused by the pandemic, people are spending more time in their own neighborhood, discovering its different corners. In order to make...

Sustainable Community Eco-Art Therapy

[us_single_image image="9800" size="us_600_0" align="center"]This series of eco-art workshops aims to support public health and wellbeing through sustainable community action on a neighbourhood level.  These workshops facilitate the community’s connection with...

Portraits of the South West

[us_single_image image="9794" size="us_600_0" align="center"]Portraits from the Southwest is an oral history project, in collaboration with Press Start Coop, consisting of a series of interviews with residents and activists sharing their...

Performing Together

[us_single_image image="9833" size="us_600_0" align="center"]Performing Together is a series of theatre workshops designed for youth ages 16-24 who speak English. Over the course of 8 weeks, the participants and facilitators will...

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By expanding our commitment to fostering sustainability off-campus this collaboration creates opportunities for students to engage with communities through impactful projects that address immediate social, economic, political, and environmental issues around Montreal.

-Sebastián Di Poi, Executive Director, Sustainability Action Fund Concorida

Click here to read a final report of the Living Labs at Batiment 7 program.