Bold Aspirations for a Sustainable Future
2021-2024 Strategic Directions

In the summer of 2020, the Sustainability Action Fund team and Board of Directors sat down to discuss its long-term goals for the organizations. Following these discussions, four (4) key directions were chosen.

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Improve support and resources for projects with long term impacts.

  • Creating networking opportunities for student project leaders
  • Expand project support through offering mentorship opportunities
  • Support experiential learning opportunities by cultivating ongoing administrative and faculty support

Increase the accessibility, education, and engagement with social sustainability at Concordia

  • Expand communication and metrics of socio-economic impacts from SAF funded projects
  • Promote and prioritize initiatives that challenge white supremacy, colonialism, and capitalism
  • Nurture safer spaces to communicate openly about social issues
  • Identify opportunities for greater institutional support for social sustainability
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Enhance the resilience of the SAF

  • Allocate more resources towards staff capacity and development
  • Diversify funding sources of the SAF
  • Deepen communication channels throughout Concordia to strengthen project institutional memory

Strengthen support and accountability for student involvement in community initiatives

  • Develop accountability measures for SAF funded projects to foster reciprocal relationships between community and university
  • Explore opportunities for community membership
  • Build evaluation mechanisms for community projects
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